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Well, I’m not gonna tell you what to do! But I thought you might wanna hear about when I write an article or somethin’.

My name is Ani Castillo and I worked as a newspaper cartoonist for a long long time.

One day I made a huge cartoon and it became a book! (PING, Little Brown, New York) It was published in USA, Canada and in many other countries.

My editor at the time, Megan Tingley, told me something that got me super duper excited! She said to me: “Ani, you think you’re an illustrator. But you’re actually a powerful storyteller”

I was like whoaooooaaaooa! Thank you Megan!

That got me really excited to write stuff. Even though I’m still kind of learning English.

What you will see here, are the pages where I’ve been practicing “writing in English”. My thoughts, theories, dreams, ideas and other stuff.

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It feels a bit weird for me to be writing here, right into the void. I would love it if you could share this experience with me, and even talk to me! Writing and art are love. And love becomes real when shared ❤️

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I've been writing for years in a huge stack of notebooks. My main intention was to “get good” at writing in English, since it's my second language. Will I ever get good? Who knows! But writing feels good! Now I’m sharing with you :)


Ani Castillo

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