As usual, you've written words that I've connected to magically. A single date with someone right before the COVID lockdowns put me in a state of limerence in which I was constantly writing things about him, for him, to him. That was for me also the beginning of a steady writing practice and the theme of those writings have resulted in the conception of the newsletter I now run. Funny how life works.

Also, I would LOVE to collaborate with you if you're interested!

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Dear Nirmitee,

Thank you so so much for writing!

And oh dear! I know what you’re talking about. I’ve been there!!

But, you know what? Limerence or not, I feel like these kind of situations are incredibly good for feeding the imagination! So, it might be a bit tough to deal with the emotional part. But if we can harvest the inspiration, the energy, and treat ourselves with love and with kindness through the whole ordeal, we can end up opening doors inside of us! And we can enter places of ourselves which we hadn’t even explored.

So, in the end, we can turn it into a good thing! (Like you and I have done! Creating our own little writing worlds tehehe)

What kinds of collaborations do you do?

I’m sending you a big hug!!!

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Hi Ani!

Sorry I've been rather late in replying here! Too much life stuff got me overwhelmed.

Absolutely agree with all you said.

I run a newsletter called The Abandoned Dreams Collective. I describe it as home to stories of what almost was, what could have been and what was left behind - so very much existing in the state of limerence.

I use the format of "seasons", each with a different theme where every week I send out a story by a different writer to my subscribers. The organic nature of this helps budding writers reach a larger audience. This season, I've been inspired by substack features like cross posting which will help reach a larger audience so I'm looking to bring in other substack writers to contribute.

Do let me know if you'd be interested!

Big hug back x

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